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Dental Checkups In Livermore

Ensure good oral health with general dental checkups in Livermore

Keeping your smile in the best condition requires hard work, but we work with you to keep your smile healthy and shining. 4th Street Dental Livermore is a state-of-the-art dental facility which offers comprehensive dental care and orthodontics services.

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General Dental Checkups for Your Oral Hygiene and Health

To keep your smile beautiful and sparkling, we offer regular general dental checkups in Livermore. Our knowledgeable and experienced dental specialists perform a complete checkup of your teeth and oral cavity to identify problems, if any.

We guide and educate you about the importance of good oral habits which you should adopt at home. With our regular dental checkups in Livermore, your minor dental issues won’t become big problems. We help to keep you on track with proper oral hygiene and care.

“Easy check in, quick and thorough cleaning and nice staff. The doctor explained everything well. Looking forward to my next cleaning.” - Enole B.

My Teeth Seem Fine, Do I still Need General Dental Checkups?

Your teeth may seem and feel fine but there can be hidden issues which only an expert dentist can identify.

Our Livermore dentist will conduct comprehensive general checkup of your mouth which helps us to check and detect any changes in your teeth or gums. An x-ray may also be taken to see the condition of your gums and beneath them. It helps to detect any concerns such as hidden tooth decay around your dental bridge, slight fracture in the tooth, teeth discoloration and any other non-optimal dental conditions.

There are many dental issues like gum diseases and teeth cavities which does not cause pain. These can lead to serious problems in your teeth and gums if left undetected for a long time. That is why you need regular dental checkups in Livermore at to restore the health and hygiene of your mouth.

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