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Dentures In Livermore

Restore the beauty of your mouth with Dentures in Livermore

4th Street Dental of Livermore offers dentures and partial dentures helping you to regain your beautiful smile in an affordable way. Our expert dentures and partial dentures in Livermore ensure that you get high-quality artificial yet natural-looking replacement teeth.

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Why You Need Dentures

When you lose your teeth due to some reason such as aging or accident, it takes about 6 months for your jawbone and gums to restore their stable shape. During this period, dentures and partial dentures in Livermore can be used for replacing the missing tooth or teeth.

Types of Dentures and How They Work?

Full Dentures: These dentures come with an acrylic pinkish base. The upper dentures are molded to the shape of your mouth’s roof while lower dentures are shaped as horseshoes, which makes space for the tongue. At 4th Street Dental Livermore, we custom tailor your dentures in our specialized laboratory after taking your mouth impressions.

Partial Dentures: If you have one or more consecutive missing teeth, partial dentures help to fill in the gap in-between your teeth. These dentures are generally made up of acrylic which are color matched carefully to your gum’s natural color. Partial dentures are temporarily attached to the natural teeth with the help of metallic clips. The clips remain hidden so that these are not visible when you smile or talk.


How Long Do The Dentures And Partial Dentures Last?

The life of the dentures depends on the material quality used for making the denture. We only use high-impact, fine-quality acrylic material for manufacturing dentures, which lasts longer than regular dentures.

Why The Costs Of Dentures Differ?

The cost of dentures in Livermore differ because of the quality and type of materials used in manufacturing dentures. It also includes the time that the technicians spend in making these dentures. At 4th Street Dental Livermore we have a trained, skilled and experienced dentist who makes long-lasting, comfortable and natural looking dentures.

Any Guarantee They Won't Become Loose?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that dentures won't become loose with time. It is because the stability of dentures depends on the foundation on which it is fixed. If your gums have considerably shrunk due to some reason, then the support for the denture may not be enough. Flexible and chrome dentures usually fit better. In some cases where temporary dentures can't be used, dental implants or fixed dentures can be a solution.